220 February 2021 (Digital edition)

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220 February 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page: Brexit causes driving licence confusion | New law protects the smell and sounds of countryside | Inside the ‘miracle’ solution to nuisance cold calls

Brexit has left an increasing number of British people living in France facing months without being able to drive legally. If your UK licence expires, it currently cannot be swapped for a French licence as the rules to do this were not covered in the Brexit deal signed in December.

We also look closely at the new law protecting regional sounds and smells as part of France’s heritage, after a man was recently imprisoned for shooting his neighbour’s cockerel. Plus, we investigate a simple solution to ending unwanted marketing calls: a cheap landline phone made by Panasonic.

Read our Brexit coverage on the front page and continued on pages 2, 6 and 7. Plus, stay informed with the latest Brexit news in our Brexit section as it is released.

French news explained

What triggered the recent incest debate in France? A new book has accused high-profile intellectual Olivier Duhamel of sexually abusing his stepson and has proven a catalyst for victims to speak out on social media using the hashtag #MetooInceste.

We also cover the €1billion losses in sales faced by French wine and spirit producers. This is due to sanctions imposed by former US President Trump as retaliation for EU taxes on American products. And: Why drivers in Paris will be fined if they are caught using the wrong Crit’Air stickers and what the results of the 2021 Henley Passport Index mean if you have a French passport.

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Coronavirus in France: Essential updates for February

France should brace for another lockdown as the more contagious UK Covid variant is set to become the dominant virus by spring, scientists have warned. Leading epidemiologist and statistics expert Catherine Hill told Connexion: “This variant is not more serious but it is spreading much faster. [...] We will, no doubt, have to go into lockdown once again.”

We also report on the concept of ‘immunity passports’ and the progress of France’s ongoing vaccination plan.

Find the answers to your vaccine FAQs and stay up to date with the latest figures with our ongoing coronavirus coverage.

French culture and lifestyle

Writer Nick Inman looks at the complex history of love, sex and the French in time for Valentine’s Day. We also reveal the unlucky ‘winners’ of the ugliest towns in France award and learn from noted neurologist Pierre Lemarquis on why art is good for your mental health. Elsewhere, we look at the beginnings of the traditional French potager and invite readers to take part in our related writing competition.

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Practical guidance on financial planning, business and property ownership

Our finance experts answer your money and tax questions, including when you may need to pay double taxation and how to cancel a Siret number. We also report on why off-peak night-time electricity might not be the 'good buy' it seems, as well as which businesses are eligible for a grant of €500 to help them set up a website to sell goods online. You can also find advice on how to trim car premiums which increase in price according to where you live, plus how to benefit from free hearing aids.

Read more in our practical, property, money and work sections pages 32 - 39

Reader questions answered

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I am new to France and have a long-term illness. Can I access the healthcare system?
What can I do about the derelict house next door?
Where can I complain about slow internet speed?
Is the mairie responsible for removing a hornets’ nest in my garden?


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