221 March 2021 (Digital edition)

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221 March 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page: Are ‘safe’ zones a way to open up travel? | Hunters shot dead our friend...the law must change | Tabacs can now help with your French admin

Several prominent figures in the scientific community have called for a change to the current ‘stop-start’ lockdown strategy in France and other European nations, proposing instead the establishment of so-called ‘green zones’ where free travel will be permitted.

Learn what the idea entails as well as which countries are in favour on the front page, continued on page 2.

We also report on the campaign to change hunting laws in France, after the death of Morgan Keane, 25, who was accidentally shot by a hunter 100 metres from his house in December last year.

Read the story on page 13.

New easy-to-use computer terminals with touch screens are being deployed in rural tobacconists to allow people without the internet to do their admin. You can buy train tickets, sort out car certificat d’immatriculation (carte grise) forms, scan and email documents and more.

Find out more about the initiative in our Practical section on page 32.

French news explained: Nose spray needs more tests | 450 unmarked radar cars on French roads by end of 2021 | Covid-Eurostar is at risk of bankruptcy

Following our recent story on the nasal spray that its pharmaceutical maker says could eliminate up to 99% of the Covid-19 virus, we take a closer look at the product and the response of France’s medical regulator ANSM. We also give an update to the upcoming rollout of unmarked cards armed with high-tech speed cameras on French roads. Plus: Will Eurostar go bankrupt?

Understand recent French headlines with The Connexion’s in-depth analysis in our news sections pages 2-3, 7-11. We cover French news in daily articles online along with further analysis in our monthly print editions. View our subscription options

Brexit and France: Customs declarations for importing items into France | How long should you wait for a residency card? | Healthcare rule changes for pensioners visiting UK

Customs declarations, French VAT and, in some cases, import duty must now be considered when you are moving items between the UK and France since Brexit. We take a look at the rules for bringing UK-bought goods into France. We also give advice for residency card applications and how long you should wait to hear news, and look into the impact of Brexit on British music. Plus: Get our roundup of important news for Britons in France with our Brexit news in brief.

Understand the new rules and changes in our Brexit pages 4-5. Plus stay informed with the latest Brexit news in our Brexit section as it is released.

Practical advice for Living in France: How to help children falling behind in school | Millions eligible for €150 aid to access higher-speed internet | Stop feeling guilty about what you eat

If your child is facing difficulties with schoolwork in France, there are ways to get extra help, either at school or outside. We outline ten different options available to parents.

Find advice for parents on page 20.

Home-owners and tenants can now get a one-off payment of up to €150 to improve access to high-speed broadband in communes which do not yet benefit from a fibre-optic connection and are unlikely to do so in the near future.

Find out if you are eligible for the grant and how to get it on page 21 of our Practical section.

Stop depriving yourself! Really? Absolutely. That is the message for Connexion readers from oncology professor David Khayat, whose book Arrêtez de vous priver! explores the subject. “The diktats against salt, alcohol, sun, red meat, sex, sugar, charcuterie... it’s gone too far and it’s not true,” he told us.

Hear more from Professor Khayat in our Health section on page 30.

French culture and lifestyle: A tour of the France’s finest ports | How to try monastic life | Learn the language of wine

Get travel ideas with our tour of the prettiest ports in the country and a peek inside monastic life - and how to try it for yourself. You can also learn some common terms for describing wine from vigneron Jonathon Hesford, and get a glimpse into the fascinating private life of Jean Jaurès.

You’ll find more culture and lifestyle articles, alongside recipes, quizzes and more, in our French Living pull-out which comes free with every print edition.

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to questions@connexionfrance.com

How can I find an English-speaking GP near me?
Where do I have to go for a county court-style service?
Can I pay a UK cheque into French bank account?
How many people in France pay up when they are handed a fine?

Get the answers to your questions on page 18. You can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.


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