222 April 2021 (Digital edition)

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222 April 2021 (Digital edition)
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In the April issue

On the front page: Brexit and Covid dual boost for home sales | Talks on UK driving licence swaps | £200 to bring dogs to France

The dual effect of Britons seeking to buy property to establish residency in France before Brexit, and French residents wanting to escape crowded cities – especially Paris – to spend more time in medium-size towns has given the market a lift.

We report on the surge in property purchases in rural France that means homeowners are able to sell their houses again on the front page and continued on page 2.

Franco-British negotiations have started on a solution for the exchange of UK-French driving licences as more Britons in France are being left unable to drive when their licence expires.

Read more about the progress of post-Brexit negotiations for British drivers in France on page 2.

Since January 1, British EU pet passports are no longer valid. Instead, UK pet-owners must visit a vet for an animal health certificate (AHC).

Hear one reader’s story of the surprising expense of organising travel for his two dogs on page 4.

French news explained: Pets can catch Covid but no risk to owners | France’s corruption issue is deep-rooted | Elderly poacher who sold robins as food sentenced

Pet owners are being told there is no need for panic after it emerged that animals might have been infected by their owners with more contagious variants of the coronavirus.

We speak to a leading anti-corruption association about the case against ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy who say there is much more work to be done.

Plus: A 76-year-old man has been sentenced for trapping and killing robins, then selling them as barbecue delicacies.

Understand recent French headlines with The Connexion’s in-depth analysis in our news section on pages 3-12. We cover French news in daily articles online along with further analysis in our monthly print editions. View our subscription options

Brexit and France: The campaign group busting ex-pat myths | Extra taxes could hit new movers to France | Low-paid French au pairs barred from Britain

Britons abroad are not all wealthy boozers who speak no foreign languages, Brexpats Hear Our Voice (BHOV) insists in its awareness campaign.

We also look at how those moving to France in the second half of 2021 may have to pay 20% VAT on items they bring with them due to new customs formalities.

And: While au pairs typically earn around £5,000 plus their board with a British family, young Europeans wanting to work in the UK must now earn a minimum of £20,000/year. What does this mean for the au pair industry?

Understand the new rules and changes in our Brexit pages 4-5. Plus stay informed with the latest Brexit news in our Brexit section

Practical advice for living in France: Make sense of home help | How being married or in ‘Pacs’ affects finances | DIY tricks to get rid of mice and rats

If you want someone to help you at home with daily tasks such as gardening, or for assistance with dependent relatives, you can employ staff directly, or use an agency.

We look at what your options are and your responsibilities as an employer in our Make Sense Of… column on page 19.

How you live with a partner, whether informally, in a civil partnership, or in a marriage changes elements for tax and inheritance.

We summarise the key points in our Money/Tax pages on page 33.

This month’s instalment in the DIY adventures of a family in rural France looks at tips for pest control.

Chart the ups and downs of renovating an old French farmhouse in our Property section on page 38.

French culture and lifestyle: A tour of France by its local sweet treats | Happy Birthday Baudelaire | What to do when wine goes bad

Travel France from Tarte aux mirabelles in the northeast to Gâteau basque in the southwest in our regional patisserie exploration. There’s another excuse for cake in our April culture feature which celebrates the 200th birthday of Charles Baudelaire. Plus: In our regular wine column, we discover how some wine faults are a good thing.

You’ll find more culture and lifestyle articles, alongside recipes, quizzes and more, in our French Living pull-out which comes free with every print edition.

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to questions@connexionfrance.com

What items must you carry with you in your car?
Is home insurance invalidated by long absence?
Is noisy barking now legal as part of countryside ‘heritage’?

Get the answers to your questions on page 18. You can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.


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