225 July 2021 (Digital edition)

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225 July 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page: Anti-Covid war heats up for the summer  

France is strengthening its Covid-19 testing, tracing and isolating measures as cases of the more contagious Delta variant continue to rise and the summer tourist season begins.

The European Centres for Disease Prevention and Control says the variant could account for 90% of new cases across Europe by September. It comes as the number of people getting a first vaccination has fallen sharply to under 200,000 a day, compared to 400,000 in late May.

Read the full story on the front page, and continued on page 2. You can also see the latest information on Covid in France online in our Coronavirus daily updates.

French news explained: Will the French kiss goodbye to work bise? | Houses in Brittany ‘should only be sold to local people’ |  Low election turnout prompts reform call

Exchanging a kiss on the cheek at work may be one habit that is killed off by the Covid pandemic – is this the end of the work bise?

French anthropologist Fanny Parise has been studying the effects of Covid restrictions since March last year.

Learn more about her findings on page 2.

A new councillor for the Brittany regional council has demanded a resident-only rule for house sales saying rising prices for holiday homes are preventing locals from getting on the property ladder.

Read more on the proposal by Nil Caouissin, the newly-elected councillor for Union Démocratique Bretonne (UDB) on page 9.

Less than a third of voters turned up at polling booths for the regional and departmental elections in June – prompting experts to demand reforms to the electoral system.

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Brexit and France: Relief as licence deal is signed | Carte de séjour deadline is deferred | Brexit means new hassles for French living in the UK

A deal has been signed on driving licences – and it includes the good news that thousands of British drivers will not have to swap their UK licences at all. The deadline to apply for a Withdrawal Agreement residency card has also been extended from June 30 to September 30, the French Interior Ministry says. We also speak to French financial advisor Christèle Biganzoli on the impact of Brexit on French people living in the UK. 

Uncover the issues caused by the UK leaving the EU in our Brexit section on page 4. Plus stay informed with the latest Brexit news online in our Brexit section as it is released. 

Practical advice for living in France: Make sense of divorce in France | Never too early to plan a secure retirement in France| Five ways to pay less tax in 2021

How a divorce is settled in France depends on many factors, including how amicable it is, which country’s courts are applied to, and what legal regime applies to the marriage.

Brexit has also brought some problems – but also potential benefits, say experts.

Get the guide to divorce in France on page 19.

If you are hoping to live in France once you retire – and who can blame you? – you will have more research and advance planning to do. Financial advisor Bill Blevins offers his advice for securing the retirement of your choice. 

Plus: This year’s tax declarations are over but there are schemes you can invest in now to reduce your tax bill on 2021 income, payable in 2022. We recommend five ways to do it.

Read more in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34.

French culture and lifestyle: France for fashion lovers: A tour of sartorial delights | How to master the macaron | The legacy of Jacques-Yves Cousteau 

From Dior’s childhood home in Normandy to a museum dedicated to the emblematic  in the south of France, Samantha David leads us to the country’s more hidden fashion gems. 

We also share four recipes from Anna Rigg and Loretta Liu’s new cookbook Macarons, including apple and blackberry mint chocolate. 

Plus, we explore how French naval officer Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s legacy goes far beyond his iconic red beanie – through his inventions and productions he helped millions of people see into the deep.

You’ll find more culture and lifestyle articles, alongside recipes, quizzes and more, in our French Living pull-out which comes free with every print edition.

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to questions@connexionfrance.com 

  • Is there a law against selling items under weight?
  • Why are French universities often allocated a number?
  • What is meant in French law by moveable or immoveable property (meubles/immeubles)?
  • Can I obtain glasses with a UK prescription?

Get the answers to your questions on page 18 and elsewhere. You can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.


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