226 August 2021 (Digital edition)

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226 August 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page: How will the French react to the new health pass?

France is bringing in a mandatory Covid health pass for visits to cafes, restaurants and other everyday events and imposing vaccination on 70 professions. It is one of the first EU countries to take such strict action. The unprecedented move sparked protests, with 161,000 taking part on July 24 and 114,000 the previous week, amid claims of dictatorship and fears of a divided society.

Read the full story on the front page, and continued on page 2. You can also see the latest information on Covid in France online in our Coronavirus daily updates.

French news explained: UK is to recognise foreign vaccine certificates but only for its residents | 10-year plan aims to cut high number of avoidable cancers | 6% electricity rise predicted for early 2022

The UK has said it will start recognising foreign vaccination certificates but only for residents vaccinated abroad. The country dropped the need for fully-NHS-vaccinated returning travellers who enter from its amber-listed countries to quarantine on arrival on July 19, except for France, which was placed on an ‘amber plus’ list.

Get the full picture of current rules and hear testimonies from Connexion readers on page 3

Increased tobacco prices and campaigns against excessive drinking are part of France’s new 10-year anti-cancer plan which aims to reduce avoidable cancers by 60,000 a year. President Macron has said he hopes the young who will be 20 in 2030 will be the first generation without tobacco in modern history.

Learn more about the plan and what it means for those living in France on page 6

Regulated electricity prices are set to rise by around 6% next February due to increases in international market prices. However, the government is studying ways to offset this, especially in the run-up to April’s presidential election.

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Brexit and France: Paperwork delay for licence swap | Customs checks and taxes: readers’ experiences so far

Extra documents are needed since Brexit for anyone looking to exchange a UK driving licence for a French one, but obtaining a UK ‘certificate of entitlement’ can be difficult. For non-EU exchanges, France requires a D737 certificate from the issuing authority, no more than three months old, translated by a traducteur assermenté (sworn translator). We explain.

Plus: Since the UK is now a non-EU state, there are new customs barriers with France. In theory, declarations, and sometimes taxes, are due if you bring a substantial amount of items from the UK. We share the experiences of Connexion readers of bringing goods over the border.

Uncover the issues caused by the UK leaving the EU in our Brexit section on page 5. Plus stay informed with the latest Brexit news online in our Brexit section as it is released.

Practical advice for living in France: Make sense of… A French driving test | How to help your child become properly bilingual | Six financial essentials if you are moving to France

​​Due to the new Franco-British driving licence deal, people using UK licences should not be obliged to take a French test. However, some may choose to do so, and new drivers or other non-EU nationalities (plus drivers with UK licences issued from 2021 onwards) who are not able to swap in their first year of living in France have no choice if they wish to drive here

Read our quick guide to passing your French driving test on page 19

In our interconnected world, being fluent in more than one language is an asset. But for children whose first language is English, navigating the French school system and acquiring the language can be hard. So, how can parents support children?

We look at the different ways parents can foster bilingual ability in their children in our Family section on page 20

If you are new to living in France or are in the process of organising your move here, you should include a wealth management review on your to-do list. Our financial advice column for this month covers financial planning for your new life.

Find more tips and advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34

Comment, interviews and views: The low-paid nurses making money from bogus Covid jabs | Breastfeeding is a mother’s right

‘Beyond the unsettling sight of health workers in criminal courts, the repercussions of this kind of deceit are enormous,’ writes Nabila Ramdani after reports emerged of healthcare workers in France offering fake vaccinations for €300.

See more commentary on recent French news in our Comment section on page 14

Breastfeeding has become more popular in France in recent years and MPs have voted to reinforce the right to feed in public after several incidents of aggression or exclusion towards mothers. Claude Didierjean-Jouveau, of breastfeeding support platform La Lèche League, does not think such incidents are more common – just more publicised.

Read more in our Views/Interviews section on page 15

Reader questions answered

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  • Cuisine équipée/aménagée: What’s the difference?
  • What help is available for victims of online bullying?
  • Is there a margin of error for speeding fines?
  • Can I drive in France with one ‘good’ eye?

Get the answers to your questions on page 18 and elsewhere. You can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.

French Living: Get hooked on France’s love of fishing | ​​Joséphine Bonaparte and her story of survival

Take a tour of France’s favourite fishing spots, exhibitions, and get tips and tricks on how to cast out and enjoy just like a local pêcheur. Plus: Read the fascinating life story of Joséphine Bonaparte who lost her first husband to the guillotine and went to prison before rising through the ranks of French royalty.

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