227 September 2021 (Digital edition)

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227 September 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page

Volunteers join the fight to tackle fake news online

France has many vocal vaccine opponents but also a growing pro-science movement of volunteers giving up their free time to research and dispel Covid ‘fake news’. Online pro-vaccine groups are now followed by tens of thousands and have been increasingly busy this year. Theories debunked include the idea that vaccination is spread by kissing and that the vaccine is made of graphite, as used in pencils.

Plus: Kabul lecturer’s fears for students and the threat to wills which write out children

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French news explained

Booster jabs to start as France races ahead with vaccinations 

France has sped ahead with Covid vaccinations, meaning more of the population is now fully jabbed than in the UK or US and figures are comparable to Israel. It now plans to roll out booster jabs from this month.

Get the full picture of the vaccination campaign in France on page 3

Postcode lottery of French nationality wait

The timeframe for obtaining French nationality is a postcode lottery, taking up to four years. According to the Code Civil, the time for a decision should be no more than 18 months after the applicant has received a récépissé (receipt) acknowledging delivery of all required documents. However, this seems in many cases to be interpreted as starting only after police checks have been done and the applicant has been called for an interview.

Learn more about the timelines when applying for French nationality on page 5

Google aerial photos to spot tax dodgers’ secret swimming pools

Property tax dodgers trying to hide swimming pools are being targeted by aerial photos and artificial intelligence. In a €12million deal with Google and IT firm Capgemini, the French tax office will be using the technology to seek out undeclared pools, tennis courts, conservatories and extensions.

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Brexit and France

Roaming charges return... will new bank fees be next? 

Two major UK mobile phone companies have announced the reintroduction of roaming charges for new and upgrading customers following Brexit. Vodafone and EE say customers entering into a new plan will be liable from next January. Both will charge £2 a day.

Paperwork needed to take furniture to second home

Several readers have asked about customs procedures for bringing over furniture and other items from the UK to a French second home. Prior to Brexit, there were no customs checks on private cars or vans coming to the continent.

Uncover the issues caused by the UK leaving the EU in our Brexit section on page 5.

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Practical advice for living in France

Make sense of… starting school  

This year the rentrée scolaire – the start of the school year – is on Thursday, September 2. We explain what is involved in starting at a new school in France.

Read our quick guide to how education works in France on page 19. We also look at what changes pupils can expect as they return to school after several months of Covid-related disruptions, and the new four-tier health protocol that will help keep schools open on page 20

New laws and changes in France

The cost of renting Vélib e-bikes in Paris has gone up, while those buying an e-bike can benefit from a discount if they scrap a petrol car. Plus: Gas prices have risen, new identity cards are being sent out and some families should have received Pass’Sport vouchers to put towards their children’s enrolment in a sports club.

Check which new laws and initiatives for September will impact you on page 32

Advice for reviewing your pension options for retirement in France

You need to consider your life today and potential future requirements, and it is important to review and adjust arrangements for life in France. This enables you to take advantage of opportunities available for French residents that could, for example, significantly reduce your tax bill, writes senior financial advisor Rob Kay.

Find more tips and advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34

Reader questions answered

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  • Do UK visitors need a new number plate?
  • What is the law on trees growing into my property?
  • Are classic cars exempt from a CT test?

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French Living

A city portrait of Nantes | ​Mastering the French art of baking bread | Recommended garden visits to usher in autumn

We highlight what not to miss in the intriguing and constantly evolving capital of the Pays de la Loire. Learn how to make bread with Marie-Laure Fréchet, author of new baking bible Upper Crust: Homemade Bread the French Way Recipes and Techniques. Plus, find our pick of the best gardens to visit for Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts, the association which encourages gardeners of all nationalities to open up their gardens to the public to raise funds for charity.

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