229 November 2021 (Digital edition)

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229 November 2021 (Digital edition)
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On the front page:

UK flights threatened by a rise in airport tax

Air travel is returning slowly to pre-Covid levels but rising airport taxes – leading to higher fares – are set to put low-cost flights to regional airports at risk, a French industry chief has warned.

Get the full picture of how airports are increasing taxes to help them cope with the loss of passengers during the pandemic on the front page, and continued on page 2

Shortages: Goods affected and what to expect in coming months

Rising food prices and a shortage of household electronics, clothes, shoes and furniture are set to continue into winter as global delivery delays have a knock-on effect. In France, clothes and shoes are particularly affected.

Understand what is driving product shortages on page 5

My £8,000 phone bill for leaving data roaming on during ferry trip

A Connexion reader ran up a phone bill for almost £8,000 after leaving data roaming switched on during a six-hour UK to France ferry trip. Several readers have also told us of charges of up to €100 incurred on crossings. Ferry firms say the charges relate to phone operators’ tariffs for the use of maritime satellite services.

Read the full story on page 3

French news explained:

Jabbed visitors to the UK obliged to isolate

People who have been fully vaccinated in France and other countries must self-isolate for 10 days if identified as contact cases during a visit to the UK. In August, the country exempted vaccinated travellers from self-isolating as ‘contact cases’ - but only if they were jabbed in the UK.

Learn more about the rules around contact tracing on page 3

€100,000 care home bill for father I do not know

A British woman living in the UK has received a court order to pay €100,000 in care home fees for her father in France, with whom she has had no contact since she was two years old. Anyone with elderly parents or grandparents living in France can be subject to demands from French care homes to pay for their upkeep.

Understand obligation alimentaire laws and what that means for children of parents and grandparents in France on page 6

Speed cameras return to action with 4,700 radars

Speed radars are to make a comeback after systematic vandalism during the gilets jaunes protests put a quarter of them out of order. The government’s budget for 2022-23 specifies 4,700 radars of all types will be operational, with an estimated €714million in fines coming from them.

Read the full story on page 7

2022 Tour: Danish start, French hope, bike part delays - and cobblestone hell

The 2022 Tour de France will start in Copenhagen on July 1 before crossing to France in what could be a chaotic first week of racing on cobblestones, nicknamed ‘the Hell of the North’ by riders.

See what’s planned for the Tour de France next year on page 5

Rediscovered WW1 tunnel ‘still smells of gunpowder’

History enthusiasts in Oise have spoken of the spine-tingling moment they became the first to set foot in a German tunnel since World War One – and found it strewn with mementos of the men who had used it.

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Brexit and France:

How customs dealt with our France to UK move

Just like French customs, the UK’s HMRC now asks for declarations – and in some cases, tax – when items are moved across the Channel. In both directions, this is simpler and cheaper if you are moving home from one country to the other, rather than moving items to or from a second home.

Flexibility on the 90-day rule?

Could France offer more flexibility to British visitors beyond the 90/180-day rule? Many wonder if this could be forthcoming, allowing, for example, a six-month visit without a temporary visa.

Licence swap delays left me unable to drive all this year

A Connexion reader says delays in processing his UK to French driving licence swap left him unable to drive all year. As with many Britons who applied in 2020 under Brexit transition period rules, he was asked to provide a certificate of his right to drive which took some time to obtain.

Uncover the issues caused by the UK leaving the EU in our Brexit section on page 5. Plus stay informed with the latest Brexit news online in our Brexit section as it is released.

Practical advice for living in France:

Make sense of retirement homes

French retirement homes can be relatively affordable and a range of benefits can help towards the fees. We give an overview of how they work and what the costs can be.

Read the guide on page 19

Alternative schools still lag in France

France is one of the worst countries in Europe for offering alternative forms of education, an expert claims, although that is changing slightly as demand from parents grows. There are currently around 300 Montessori, 22 Waldorf Steiner, and 21 Freinet schools in France.

Researcher Marie-Laure Viaud gives her take on why France is behind on alternative education on page 20

New changes affecting residents in France for November

Changes relating to UK number plates, paid-for Covid tests, snow chains for your car and receiving the dole.

See our November updates for residents in France on page 10

Are you paying your taxes in the right country?

People often think they are resident in one country when they actually meet the tax residency rules of another. With today’s automatic exchange of financial information, you need to follow the rules carefully.

Financial advisor Rob Kay shares his tips for working out your tax residence. You can find more advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online.

Reader questions answered:

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to questions@connexionfrance.com

  • Can a UK vet give a jab for a French pet passport?
  • Are snow chains a permitted alternative to winter tyres?
  • How long can a Brexit card-holder spend in the UK?
  • What can I do about biker noise?
  • Are you able to make a citizen’s arrest in France?

Get the answers to your questions on page 18 and elsewhere. You can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.

French Living:

Sweet scents: take a tour of French perfumes from Paris to Provence

The Provençal town of Grasse holds a special place in perfumery history. Embark on a fragrant tour of some special spots to immerse yourself in the industry.

Water lily lover in it for the Monet

Meet the American keeping the spirit and colour of a French flower pioneer alive in Lot-et-Garonne.

Mountain life: 200 years of guiding us at Chamonix

Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is the world’s oldest company of mountain guides. We interview its President, Olivier Greber.

At home with the master of interiors

We look at interior designer Jacques Grange’s influences and explore Grange’s apartment, once the home of the famous novelist, Colette.

You’ll find more culture and lifestyle articles, alongside recipes, quizzes and more, in our ‘French Living’ pull-out which comes free with every print edition.

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