193 November 2018 (PDF)

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193 November 2018 (PDF)
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‘Britons in France are the victims of Brexit’
How will the 2019 French budget affect you?
Income from French speed radars to soar to €1bn
Loss of French rural GP ‘puts lives at risk’
Most local French tax bills are lower but not all
Widow on French benefits ordered to leave France
Residency card was refused due to low income
Cutback on medicine brands in France
No-deal Brexit would be ‘terrible’ – former UK ambassador
French country life ‘ideal’ but...
Flood-zone building row after Aude deaths... but 61 departments on water alert
First for France as wind turbine heads offshore
Hypnosis used for heart valve operation
I found a GI brother - at 72!
French regional tourism priority is to stop overload
‘Blablacar for flights’
Romantic novel about Brexit
Britons are calling out to us – we must help them, insists French senator
‘Don’t block lifetime votes for long-term British expatriates’
Brittany wants ‘Euroregion’ link with Wales and Ireland
‘Montessori’ state schools
Buffalo mozzarella in Brittany
‘Made in France’ costs more but boosts sales
Anger as plan to increase French paternity leave is put on hold
Pyrénées could become a local climate refuge
More co-op stores open up to offer savings and quality
Quotas set for Mont Blanc
One World War One death in millions helps unite villages across Channel
Western Front walk shows we cannot take peace for granted
A life of service, a loving marriage... and a grave in rural France
Young Aznavour and the place he loved in Provence
Trenet helped Aznavour get his big showbiz break

Focus on human tragedy of war, not the grim statistics
Britain cannot comprehend scale of French suffering in World War One
How do you solve a problem like teaching languages in France?
What women wear is not up for debate

Can my unused insurance be refunded for part of the year?
How will the 2019 French budget affect you?
French property market holds steady
Why do French prefectures need fingerprints for cartes de sejour?
Prices can be up to 14% higher for greener French homes
How can I cut French inheritance tax bill?
What the different régimes mean for French property ownership
Where does term cerfa come from?
What is the Journal Officiel?
Must dog wear muzzle on French train?
Are there reductions for senior citizens in France?
Is there a top-up ombudsman in France?
Make sense of... the French bidet
My broadband in France is slower than my neighbour’s. We use the same supplier. What can I do?
Is the Sterling-Euro exchange rate likely to weaken between now and Spring 2019?
The fight against teenage addiction
French 17-year-olds drinking and smoking less
The importance of marriage regimes in France
My French operation: Son is much happier since grommets fixed his hearing
More funds for green prime after cash ran out
Money saver: Go online for tyre deals in France
Mythbuster: Most French people can ski... to some extent
Girls’ lifesaver wins them US award
Turning ‘bloopers’ into charity funds
Order by post for the Poppy Appeal
Special play marks war date
Old friends running something special for disabled trail blazers
EU to get tougher on one-market, one-price
Notaires expand their online help
Do I have a choice of being taxed in the UK or France?
What is the French law on being a ‘working retiree’
Are you sure you are paying tax in the right place?
Anne’s winding road to bodybuilding success
Bees gave teacher idea for hive of connected activity
We are residents of France but keep a UK bank account that pays no interest. Do we have to declare it?
Full-time art of running a thriving florist’s shop
Bordeau's bijou ‘shop’ homes
French property watch: Midi-Pyrénées South

Patricia Atkinson: A vintage 25-year French affair
Explore rural France with a wine themed mini-break
History: Eleanor of Aquitaine, a life given to love and leadership
We all love fizzy, but why all the fuss?
Gardening: How to be ‘water-wise’ in winter
From grape to glass: Beaujolais Nouveau
Meet the lighting expert who brings Lyon to life for the Fête des Lumières
Gascony garden is palm paradise
Charcuterie made easy
How this monster mash defined a culinary legend
Nut job: secrets of an AOP noix man
Give your home a vintage French feel
Postie’s ideal palace has the X-facteur
Now get out of that: how escape games broke out