The Connexion 233 - March 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 233 - March 2022 e-Paper
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On the front page

Brexit: half of all trucks return empty UK-France

Higher costs, new paperwork and reduced trade - but this is largely as expected say the French Douanes (customs) some 13 months after border formalities were re-established UK-to-France and a month after France-to-UK customs formalities restarted.

Why Franglais has to stop

Académie française member Sir Michael Edwards says he fully supports the body’s new report on over use of English by French institu tions.

Exchange rates for tax forms

All people living in France will as usual need to make a declaration of last year’s income this spring.

French news explained

Drivers could see more speed cameras under new ‘3Ds’ law

Communes in France will be able to have their own speed cameras if they want as part of the wide-ranging legislation, which also has implications for social housing and schools.

Clampdown on van-lifers as towns take law into their own hands

Parking bans and low bars to restrict entry among measures to deter people from staying overnight in vans.

Double tax bill for building material

Customs fees imposed in the UK and France amounted to twice the cost of the product itself, according on one reader.

French expertise will help EU fight cancer

The national president of France’s League against cancer says France is well-placed to help the EU’s fight against the disease, as it was the first to launch anti-cancer campaigns and has had three ten-year programmes on the issue so far.

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Presidential election 2022 / Comment

Pécresse’s lacklustre rally means Macron won election on February 13, plus

Massive shows of police strength are just what Macron needs for re-election

Practical advice for living in France

New online health space: how it works, how to opt out

Following February’s launch of Mon espace santé, we answer key questions about the website, including who else can access your information.

How does private and home schooling work?

The government is making it harder to open new schools, while parents will need to seek permission to teach at home.

Make sense of adopting animals

Where to get them from, vaccinations, microchipping, and what a new animal welfare law means for potential pet owners.

What is the real cost of paying a home cleaner or gardener?

If you want to employ someone to help at home, several aspects must be factored in to work out the cost, including how much you will pay in social charges and your entitlement to a tax credit off the costs.

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French Living

La Poste, and preserving France’s postal service heritage through the ages

Explore the museums dedicated to keeping the history of communication alive, encompassing everything from postbox and telephone design to stamps and vehicles.

‘You can gain so much from having different cultural understandings’

Bilingual comedian Tatty Macleod explains how growing up both British and French has shaped her comedy career, an experience which resonates with audiences either side of the Channel.

Tulips in all their glory at Cheverny

We speak to Sami Bouda, head gardener at the magnificent Château de Cheverny

‘I was the first cyclist to train at an altitude of 3,000m’

France's greatest ever woman cyclist Jeannie Longo describes her life-long passion for competitive cycling

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Property: Rental website makes it easier for landlords to navigate the system without agents

Money: Rising inflation and Russian aggression call for financial rethink

Health: Cancer app provides tailored support care

History: ​​A vision of Lourdes before Bernadette

Art: Women invited to join in and make an ‘AI Marianne’