The Connexion 234 - April 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 234 - April 2022 e-Paper
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On the front page

French union calls for deal on ferry pay in P&O row

The Connexion spoke to two transport unions in France who want to help the UK prevent another P&O crisis. One  wants action taken at a European level to stop lower and lower wages. Another wants either French or UK employment law to be enforced for cross channel ferries. And that’s just for starters.

Senator to press for special UK status for second homes

A French senator argues the case for thousands of Britons who bought property before Brexit but are now forced to apply for visas to stay longer than 90 days in 180. The Connexion finds out why she thinks this is unfair.

Foreign law wills cause dilemma for notaires

The impact of a new French inheritance law from a French notaire’s point of view.

French news explained
Plea over UK votes-for-life bill

When do you lose the right to vote in UK elections once you have moved overseas? Campaigners want the answer to be ‘never’.

Floating smartphone to be made in France, not China

Production of a smartphone that floats in water will be moved from China to France.  Its French inventor, whose annual sales figures are €80.5million, is building a new factory near Aix-en-Provence.

Price wars as shoppers cut back

A recent French poll said 38% of households planned to buy more special offers and shop at the cheapest supermarkets. We list the cost of an identical basket of shopping in eight supermarkets.

Egg success for rare bearded vultures

The rare birds were introduced to the French southern Alps in 2013 but have just laid eggs for the first time. The reintroduction programme has been full of drama.

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Presidential election 2022 / Comment

Making sense of a presidential election - we answer all the questions you really want to ask about the French presidential election like ‘Who can be a candidate?’ ‘What does a president earn?’ ‘Where do people vote?’

Why has ‘left-wing’ France turned so much to Right? - The influence of Mr Macron 

‘We’re proud to be voting in France for the first time this election’ - A Connexion journalist share’s her experience of becoming a French citizen

Practical advice for living in France
Cancer tests, speed cameras…the changes in France

We look over the past month and highlight key news that could affect your life in France.

Up to €600 on offer if you cannot get fibre

A previous grant of €150 was found to be insufficient to cover the cost of a fast wireless connection if you cannot connect to a fibre optic line.

The ‘secret’ to getting fluent in French is not one-size fits all

From Duolingo to devouring novels, five newcomers to France share their ‘secrets’ to learning French.

Joint bank account rules

French joint bank accounts may not work in exactly the same way as your native country. We look at who can open one, what happens if account holders separate or one dies and how to resolve any problems.

Our financial advisor answers your money queries on page 33.

You can find more advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online

Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to  

  • Can new residents obtain a renovation grant?
  • My car was damaged by a pothole. Who should pay for the repair?
  • How do I check the last caller number on a French landline?
  • Do French photo booth codes work to obtain a UK passport?

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French Living
A charitable life - we meet Henriette Steinberg, Secretary General of Secours Populaire

Secours Polulaire was set up during WW2 and is one of the most well known charities in France. Ms Steinberg was just 10 years old when she first volunteered for the charity. The Connexion finds out about the work of the charity and the charity culture in France.

Open Gardens: how to get involved

The Open Garden / Jardins Ouverts scheme in France is looking for new hosts gardens for people to visit. Are you a proud gardener?

Pâques your bags for a whistle-stop tour of Easter family fun all over France

Make the most of a French Easter - what to do and where to go (including petting newborn lambs).

In search of Proust’s lost literary village Combray

Discover why the village of Illiers-Combray will forever be associated with France’s iconic writer Marcel Proust.

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More in the April edition: 

Property: Tax implications of selling a second home in France

Money: Buying a second hand car in France - the dos and don’ts

Health: Organ donation - how the system works in France

Business: Law will help safeguard workers’ homes and assets when their business fails

Nature: ​​What animals and birds to look out for at this time of year

Media: Downton film shot in the Var - your property could be a film location

Wine: Leonardo DiCaprio buys stake in bio champagne