The Connexion 235 - May 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 235 - May 2022 e-Paper
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235 May 2022 (Digital edition)

On the front page

Le Pen lost but could France start ‘nationals first’ policy?

MARINE Le Pen planned to bring in a ‘nationals first’ policy restricting jobs, social housing and benefits to French people if elected – The Connexion asks if this could ever happen in ‘egalitarian’ France?

Brexit has cost us £47,000 on UK life policy

One UK couple has been told their policy, held with Aviva since 1992 – and since 1983 under prior ownership – is been ended due to Brexit. The Connexion looks into the current problems with UK life assurance policies in France.

The benefits of leasing a car over buying

Leasing, rather than buying a new car outright, is popular in France, and can offer both convenience and good value. The Connexion steers you through the process.

French news explained

Coming to France for six months: the visa de long séjour temporaire (VLS-T)

The Connexion looks into the VLS-T and how long you should apply in advance, the limits of how often you can visit France and what are the healthcare requirements?

French residency card applications go digital

Residency card applications in France are expected to move online by the end of the year. The Interior Ministry says the aim is to minimise prefecture trips, but it is not clear if this actually applies to all types of residency cards.

Brittany votes to ask for autonomy from France

Inspired by Corsica, Brittany’s regional council has voted by a large majority to ask for autonomy from France. This move away from central government will result in “having local decisions made by local people”.

Widower calls for a Covid-19 remembrance day

A widower whose wife died from Covid during the first lockdown in 2020 has set up an association to push for a remembrance day for victims of the disease. Mr Petitpas said “It will be nice too to have a memorial of some kind so that future generations will remember what happened”.

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Presidential election 2022 / Comment

Making sense of a presidential election - we answer all the questions you really want to ask about the French presidential election like ‘Who can be a candidate?’ ‘What does a president earn?’ ‘Where do people vote?’

What lies ahead for President Macron, Act II? 

The hard work starts for President Macron as he prepares for changes in health, pensions and environmental reforms.

Practical advice for living in France

Tax returns loom so get you head around local rules

We ask a senior partner at financial advice group Blevins Franks to breakdown the differences between French and UK tax rules.

You can top up your state pension

Former UK residents who now live in France can make top-up UK state pension contributions at two cost levels. We look into the details.

Can micro-entrepreneurs juggle more than one job?

When you state your principal activity registering as a micro-entrepreneur, are you limited to this activity or can you work in other areas?

Common mistakes risk raising tax bill astronomically

Robert Kent of Kentingtons explains how “declarations have become increasingly complicated and we are seeing some costly errors, especially where investments are concerned”. Read his advice on avoiding these mistakes

Our financial advisor answers your money queries on page 33.

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Reader questions answered

You asked, we answered. Send your queries to  

  • What are the rules to hold a vide-maison in your home?
  • What is the game of choule that is played in Normandy?
  • Are there any grants available for training for micro-entrepreneurs?

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French Living

A fight to improve animal welfare - we meet Hélène Thouy, leader of the partie Animaliste

Hélène leader of the partie Animaliste, gained 124 sponsor, which is 376 signatures short of being eligible to stand in the presidential election. She explains the difficulties she faces when defending animal welfare in France.

Go back to school and back in time at a musée de l’école open day

Discover why all over France, adults are happy to pay for the privilege of going back the school days their Maman, Papa, Mamie and Papi would once have known.

Getting equipped to be a winemaker

We take a look at what equipment you need to become a winemaker, and why making your own wine is not for the fainthearted.

Where life imitates art: France’s literary love affair with Molière

Discover the multiple talents of the performer, playwright and lascivious lover Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière, who celebrates his 400th birthday this year. 

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Property: Holiday home gardens fall victim to Brexit 90-day rule

Money: What tax forms to use as a widow

Health: Apps could save cardiac arrest victims

Business: Who can get financial aid for work relocations?

Nature: ​​First jackals spotted in France

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Wine: ‘Judgement of Paris’ when a momentous wine-tasting bruised French egos…