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The Connexion 237 - July 2022 e-Paper
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One in five A&E units faces cuts in staff crisis

Critical staff shortages have left more than one in five hospital A&E units in France in “great difficulty”, with many forced to cut opening times or stop service altogether.

It is 15 years too late, but we must act now

A shortage of doctors in private practice is a key cause of the hospital problem said Claude Rambaud, vice-president of patients’ group France Assos Santé. People struggled to find key services such as a GP “and the hospital is the only option left”

Students find way to make grey rooftops of Paris turn green

Paris’s signature grey zinc skyline could soon be getting a green makeover after authorities gave the go-ahead to a prototype rooftop garden

Covid rise prompts plea for fourth jab

Covid cases were rising by 50% a week in France at the end of June, with experts saying the situation constituted “an epidemic restart” with vaccination still the “strongest weapon”

Summer strikes, cancellations: What effect on French flights?

France may have escaped the worst of the early summer flight chaos but unions warn that strikes and staff shortages loom as the holiday season takes off

June heatwave puts focus on how to keep cities cool

The government has announced a €500million budget to help keep cities cooler after an early heatwave in June saw temperatures nudge 40C across much of France, and exceed that in some places

Uncertainty over help on spending

Government efforts to boost spending power got lost in the legislative election fury but several measures have already been launched, with more planned over the coming months

Covid and fuel costs create new band of happy campers

French campsites are braced for one of their busiest summers in years as continued Covid uncertainty and rising fuel prices keep holidaymakers close to home

‘Marseille milk’ turns 90

Quintessentially French apéro Ricard celebrates its 90th birthday this year

French news explained

Legal challenge sees off online-only rule for residency cards

Anyone applying for a French residency card (carte de séjour) can do so in person after all, after the government was forced to back down on its recent effort to move all French administration exclusively online

Garden festival includes edible entry

The winner of one of France’s most prestigious international garden festivals is announced this month against the spectacular backdrop of a 15th-century Loire chateau

Defibrillator system wins invention prize

A system to connect defibrillators with departmental emergency centres, so that an alarm and flashing light can be activated to help people locate devices when needed, has won France’s top prize for invention, the Concours Lépine

Former French ambassador to US: new Cold War looms

So-called ‘Diplomator’ Jean-David Levitte predicts what lies ahead for the Western world following the conflict in Ukraine

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Want a pool but can’t afford it? Just rent one

A swimming pool builder in south-west France has realised a gap in the market for mobile pools and seen nearly all his stock rented out in less than three months

Even more checks on the CT list… It’s now ‘absurd’

The government is facing mounting pressure to address criticism of the new, stricter contrôle technique, with French media piling into the debate

Olympics ‘must learn from football final chaos’

Twelve million visitors are expected for the Paris 2024 Olympics with an opening ceremony along the Seine and events in three dozen sites – so the Champions League final fiasco has made security a big concern

Women’s ‘urinal loos’ aim to end queues

After years of women being forced to stand cross-legged as they wait in interminable toilet queues, more and more French cities are testing new styles of outdoor sanitaires.

Bank fee cut ‘could hand clients €1bn’

Ministers could put a billion euros back in the pockets of France’s least well-off with a simple signature capping unfair bank fees, a leading consumer group has said

Practical advice for living in France

New radar cameras ‘can’t fine speeding drivers for braking’

Police in Spain are testing a new type of speed camera that can detect drivers who brake heavily just before they reach the camera zone and then speed up again once past

Help to save ‘ugly’ locomotive to run on tourist steam railway

It might not be the prettiest piece of engineering, but a 1910 coal locomotive has become the focus of a €80,000 fundraising appeal on one of the few steam train lines still running in France

‘Job-dating’ to fix shortage angers teachers

A series of ‘job-dating’ fairs to recruit potential secondary school teachers has attracted the ire of French teaching unions, who said it risked lowering standards in the profession

Get a grip on pensions – but ask an expert as well

Five key things to be aware of before deciding what do with your pensions, particularly if you plan to spend your retirement in France

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