The Connexion 238 - August 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 238 - August 2022 e-Paper
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On the front page

Ten million homes risk cracks after heatwaves

Thousands more houses in France are expected to be left with sizeable structural cracks after this summer’s early heatwaves as they are built on clay soil which contracts during droughts. More than 10 million homes across the country are at risk after the official map of affected zones was enlarged last year.

Burial with honours for D-Day pilot, 78 years on

An American pilot has been formally buried at the Normandy American Cemetery (NOAC) with full military honours 78 years after his plane was shot down on D-Day.

French news explained 

Dogs trained to sniff out drinking water leaks

A trial in Brittany has been so successful that utility giant Veolia plans to extend its use of sniffer dogs across the country

Ardèche readies for first stopping train in 50 years

Half a century after SNCF closed lines in the department, Ardèche is due to welcome its first passenger train back. However, the long-awaited event, planned for August 29, will initially only involve empty carriages

Could old van become à la mode?

Speculation that the little Citroën C15D van could become a collectable ‘youngtimer’ vehicle has begun to appear in some sections of the French media

French firm’s needle-free injections sold to the US

They can be used quickly and efficiently by people who have not been trained to give injections

Firm offers to scatter ashes... from a drone

The drones, guided by professionals, will scatter ashes in nature, while the family can organise a ceremony to witness the flight

Praise for France’s energy price shield

The country’s handling of the energy crisis, which has included freezing regulated gas prices at October 2021 rates, has been praised by a consumer group. It is now calling for long-term protection.

Lavender growers hit by price crash

It may provide the landscapes so beloved by visitors to the south of France, but the lavender industry is facing a crisis of overproduction and low prices

Giant cannibal fish ‘here to stay’ – but quite harmless

The final stamp of approval on the UK’s recent ‘votes for life’ law could be impacted by Boris Johnson’s resignation, a British rights campaigner and proponent of the law has said
Phone masts disguised as trees
Mobile phone masts disguised as trees have been put up in a coastal resort in south-west France to avoid upsetting the locals
Space telescope could herald dawn of a ‘scientific revolution
After first images from the James Webb Space Telescope were published in July, a leading French astronomer assesses the impact it could have on our understanding of the universe – and whether it could even lead to the discovery of alien life

Practical advice for living in France

We sailed to France in a barge – then began hunting for ideal home

John and Jane Griffin tell us about living on a barge on the Canal du Midi while house-hunting

Career change: My bus-based barber shop was fun, but so is bending wood

In our ongoing series featuring people who have changed career in France, Mark Collett, 56, explains how he swapped a hair salon to work with wood

The Lot is one of France’s most beautiful rivers but heatwave has put livelihoods at risk

After the hottest June in recent memory, we find out what impact it has had on France’s second longest river and the businesses who depend on it

Barclays UK closes EU accounts

Hundreds of British people living in France have been dismayed to receive letters from Barclays Bank ordering them to close their UK accounts

Is investing in a buy-to-let property in France a good idea?

The pros and cons

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33.
You can find more advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Reader questions answered

  • Can I deduct legal fees from capital gains tax calculations when I sell my holiday home?
  • What to do if you spot an error on your tax assessment form?
  • My son is my full-time, unpaid carer. Are there any tax advantages to this?
  • Can we avoid property wealth tax by making our daughter co-owner of our holiday home?

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French Living

Interview: Samual de Montgermont

Director of France's most powerful wine lobby

Dinosaurs in France

As every amature palaeontologist knows, dinosaurs are wonderful - and France has a wealth of them

'I wanted to give the hand fan the aura is had before the Revolution'

The hand fan has experienced many heighs and lows over its long history

In Brittany or Provence this August? Visit these gardens for good causes

Two more hosts welcome visitors to their gardens for Jardin Ouvert/Open Gardens charity scheme

More in the August edition

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Culture: Paris booksellers think outside the box to survive
Enviroment: North France to become EV ‘battery corridor’
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Politics: Mayors compete to issue ‘most original bylaw’
Food: Fine dining at reduced rates. How to get good food on a budget at French cooking schools