The Connexion 239 - September 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 239 - September 2022 e-Paper
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On the front page

Get ready for autumn of high-risk violent storms

People should protect their homes now against storm damage as much of France is at higher risk of violent weather and flash flooding this autumn due to drought and warmer sea temperatures.

Dordogne town battered by hail faces long wait for repairs

The red-tiled roofs of a popular Dordogne market town are still covered by tarpaulins 10 weeks after a violent hailstorm battered the area.

French news explained 

Anger as car hit by huge hailstones written off

An artist is angry that her car has been written off after the storm’s violent hail smashed its front and back windscreens, broke two lights and dented bodywork.

Spending power and environment on rentrée agenda

The environment, purchasing power and pension reform are among the key issues on the government’s agenda this rentrée.

New move to open up local voting to all

Could the post-Brexit loss of local election voting rights for more than 100,000 Britons sway France into opening up voting to non-EU residents?

Eighth Covid wave is set for autumn

An eighth wave of Covid is expected in France this autumn but will not be as devastating as some previous outbreaks, leading epidemiologist Martin Blachier has said. The wave would be similar to the impact of seasonal flu.

Emergency 15 number struggles with call volume

Emergency medical service Samu has been deluged with calls to its urgent 15 number this summer, due mainly to the pressure faced by many hospital A&E departments.

France urged to act over water

Researchers are calling on the government to implement existing solutions to water shortages after a summer of droughts.

Farmer on a mission to prove 4G tower is harming his cattle

A farmer is locked in a battle with telecoms operators over a 4G mobile phone mast that he believes is making his herd of dairy cattle ill.

Families facing stress and money worries due to forced heirship law

Lawyers expect a legal challenge to a new inheritance law that seeks to enforce French rules giving a set portion of any inheritance to children.

98-year-old mountain train to get new track
A little tourist train which takes passengers to the summit of La Rhune mountain in the Basque Country is to undergo a €27million renovation.
Another couple lose £14,000 in life cover as insurer Aviva scraps policy
Another British couple have been told by Aviva that their life insurance policy is no longer valid because the firm can no longer operate in France due to Brexit.
UK wine importer relocates here to cut post-Brexit costs
A successful British importer of French wines says extra Brexit-related costs of around £150,000 a year have forced him to move to France to set up a new branch of his firm here.

Practical advice for living in France

Property prices start to stabilise
Property prices are starting to stabilise after years of rises, and mortgage interest rates are relatively low, so it could be a good time to buy – if you have the cash or can obtain a loan.
TV licence fee refunds
France is stopping its annual TV licence fee, meaning millions of homes which have been paying the €138 fee in monthly instalments, are due a refund.
Can you have a carte de séjour but still be living in Britain?
Can you live in the UK but still hold a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) residency card for France, and if you do, do you risk penalties?
Language tests for some residency cards to be debated
The interior minister wants multi-year residency cards to be dependent on ‘mastering’ French and this is likely to be part of a wide MPs’ debate on immigration reform next month.
Factor in effects of climate change before a French move
France is getting hotter, so what should you be looking for if/when you move to this country.
Neobanks offer solution to Brexit banking woes
Barclays has upset many long- standing customers by sending out letters announcing it is soon to close the accounts of people living in France.

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33.
You can find more advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Reader questions answered

  • How is it decided which streets are closed to everyone except local residents?
  • Are there Schengen rule exemptions for taking care of elderly relatives?
  • Is there a way to hire a van in Ardèche, move my goods to the UK, and leave the van in London or Calais?
  • Where can I find a good English-speaking lawyer?
  • Can we stay in France for 90 days after our visa expires?
  • What help is currently available to buy a new car in France?

Subscribers can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.

French Living

Pan-Americana French style
Frenchwoman’s epic road trip in a vintage Citroën.
The life of Johnny Hallyday
There were seemingly no limits to the talent of national treasure and rock star Johnny Hallyday, or to the devotion of his fans, who bought millions of his records and who still adore him.
Know your onions
Take a tour of onion festivals around the country from Brittany to Occitanie, all of which elevate the humble onion to superstar status and place it centre stage.
Saving French war tombs
Jean-Pierre Mennessier went from tending the graves of soldiers in his local cemetery to finding and reporting people selling stolen grave plaques of the war dead online.

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