The Connexion 241 - November 2022 e-Paper

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The Connexion 241 - November 2022 e-Paper
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What's inside this month's edition

Ferry firms face fair pay ruling after P&O row
A law requiring at least the minimum wage for Channel ferry workers is progressing quickly through the UK parliament in the wake of the P&O sackings scandal – and unions are calling on France to follow suit

French news explained

New rules and changes in France affecting residents and second-home owners

Would you pass a French nationality language test?

If you hope to become French or are a non-EU citizen seeking a 10-year residency card, you will need to prove a certain level of French. Try with these real exam questions

Cold calls to be banned at weekends

Cold-calling is to be banned early in the morning, late at night, and on weekends and bank holidays following the publication of a decree which will take effect on March 1

‘Expect EU border chaos next year’

Former UK ambassador to France Peter Ricketts says better times should lie ahead for UK-French relations – as long as differences over the Brexit deal’s Northern Ireland rules with the EU can be resolved

What’s in the budget

France’s budget for 2023 has been pushed through without a vote after thousands of amendments were lodged by opposition MPs.

France’s amazing Poppy lady

Anna Guérin, the Frenchwoman behind the Poppy Appeal, is largely unknown but a new book aims to redress that

Cancer patients ‘liberated’ by parachute jump

Parachute jumps can be “liberating” for people with cancer, says the founder of a French association that helps fund and organise them

Electric fire ants are now in France

‘Little fire ants’ – an invasive, ant with a sting disproportionate to its tiny size – have been found in France for the first time

‘Strikes highlight mess at heart of French party politics’

Four months after the French elections, the French political modus operandi for the next five years remains uncertain

Parliament to debate corrida ban

A vote this month on banning bullfighting will be the first time the Assemblée nationale will have debated abolishing the custom.

Lack of doctors ‘means rural residents are dying younger’

Men who live in the countryside die more than two years younger on average than those in cities, partly due to a town/ country divide in access to care

US runner Katie’s peak performance in 171km French run

Champion runner Katie Schide has spoken of the fun and the pain of competing in this year’s Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), one of the toughest races in the world

Practical advice for living in France

€8,000 barge gives us an off-grid retirement

In our series looking at unusual homes, how an old working boat was transformed into a cosy floating home

Landlord is responsible for squatter’s fall in flat

A landlord was liable for an accident when a tenant fell in their property – even though there was an eviction order for non-payment of rent

Renovation grant is extended – with bigger budget and professional help

The MaPrime Rénov grant to improve energy efficiency of homes will continue next year with an enlarged budget, even though critics say it is too complex and slow

How does number of days spent in France affect my residency?

The authorities define being a French tax resident as having one’s habitual and permanent home in France.

Why am I paying two lots of taxe foncière?

A reader has asked if it is normal to be charged a second taxe foncière amount due to starting a freelance translation business from home.

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33.

You can find more advice for managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Reader questions answered

  • Are there any tax benefits to switching to a renewable energy electricity contract?
  • Are all-season tyres allowed?
  • Disposing of old fire extinguishers
  • Garage did not fix car fault: can I get refund??

Subscribers can also find answers to reader questions in the Your Questions section online.

French Living

Hop to it for the home grown craft brews taking French drinkers by storm

We go on a virtual booze tour of the museums, fairs, fêtes and artisanal micro-breweries that let you have your craft beer and drink it across France this November

‘The young feel they’ve been voting for politicians who don’t change’

The 26-year-old political high flyer Charles Rodwell talks about dual nationality, and how a British childhood and French education have informed his approach to politics in France

Open Gardens promise: “If you open your garden for us, you are part of us”

We look at the charitable garden association’s origins and speaks to organisers about how Connexion readers can get involved

‘People are part of the same society but they don’t live in the same world'

Public scientist, physicist, philosopher and astrophysicist Etienne Klein talks about truth, post-truth, the role of social media in spreading untruths, and how to spot the difference between a prank and a lie

More in the November edition

Property: Who owns boundary wall of our property?
Money: Think ahead – and save money on capital gains
Culture: Magic Roundabout to return to TV screens
Environment: Solar panel sails let yachts produce their own power
Health: Worm blood transplant go-ahead
Careers: Indiana Jones fan turns hat envy into booming business
Food and wine: Tannin notions: giving wine complexity