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The Connexion 245 - March 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account
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What's inside this month's edition?

On the front page

Property owners must make new declaration – or face fine
Tax-site form requires details of all houses, flats, garages, cellars or parking spaces

I drew the century, from Barbie to 2015 terror

We talk to Noëlle Herrenschmidt, an octogenarian ‘watercolour reporter’ and court artist who has covered some of the most memorable and harrowing trials of our time

French news explained

New rules and changes in France affecting residents and second-home owners

Top sales for Alpine sports car

The Alpine A110 was the best selling sports car in France in 2022, with sales of 3,500 and beating the German Porsche

Senator backs campaign for easier visas for second homes

Campaigners pushing for France to take action to create more flexibility for British visitors – especially second-home owners – to spend up to six months here more easily have won support from a senator

Summit is key moment to renew entente

British Ambassador to France Dame Menna Rawlings spoke to The Connexion in the run-up to a France-UK leaders’ summit

TikTok cleaner: ‘I feel like I have super powers with the sweeper in my hands’

Ludovic Franceschet talks to The Connexion about his work as a refuse collector in Paris, and what it feels like to be a social media star

Organic vineyards are going the whole (mini) hog

A New Zealand breed of pig has been successfully put to work on a champagne vineyard to keep weeds and grass down

La dictée: How a spelling test took over France

A simple dictation exercise for schoolchildren was central to the construction of the French nation

Campsite offers chance to bed down in a brandy barrel (but nightcap not included)

How a couple of old brandy barrels have been converted into novel holiday accommodation – and have inspired further offbeat camping ideas

Private firms help mairies recoup tax

More mairies are hiring private firms to help identify properties where tax declarations have not been submitted correctly

Wolf threatens man for first time since animal returned to France

A local councillor out checking water flow at a canal near an Alpine village in southern France was shocked after being threatened by five wolves as he walked alone

Second home local tax extension delayed a year

An extension to the number of areas that can impose a local taxe d’habitation surcharge of up to 60% on second homes has been delayed until next year

How did London get our details?

Residents of France who received fines after driving through London are fighting for answers about how authoroities were able to access their personal information

Practical advice and updates for living in France

‘Expert’ can challenge insurance offer

Chartered building surveyors do not exist in France but the job of expert en bâtiment is getting more attention, especially with subsidence claims and other natural catastrophes

Should we be worried by asbestos in house?

France was slow to implement restrictions on asbestos, only banning it completely in the late 1990s

What happens to a joint account during a divorce?

You can separate a joint bank account through a process called désolidarisation

14 things you can do at the local pharmacy apart from buy aspirin

As well as sorting out prescriptions and selling household remedies, they also offer a range of free services

Immersion is stressful but the pay-off is linguistic confidence

For many learners, the idea of being flung into an environment where French is the only option might sound like a nightmare

Decision to cash in UK pension is not ‘one size fits all’

To move or not to move one’s pension pot? That is the question that many expat retirees find themselves asking

Which relatives have a right to inherit?

The French reserved heir rules are often misunderstood

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33

You can find more information on managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Readers questions answered

  • What are the best road maps?
  • Does the gas price freeze apply to all contract types?
  • How many really attended protest?
  • Can bailiffs enforce London Ulez fines?
  • Was January’s energy cheque as well as, or instead of, April’s?
  • How can I find a reliable local electrician?

French living

Jean-Paul Belmondo’s pretty / ugly story of cinematic success

The film industry initially rejected Jean-Paul Belmondo’s unconventional looks, but the young actor’s talent, determination, and gung-ho attitude to stunts all propelled him to stardom

Explore the sites to see the legacy of France’s glorious Antique past

We ask ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’ and discovers the answer is ‘quite a lot, actually’, as the sites, museums, roads and villas dotted all over the country reveal

Take a picnic beneath trees of pink this spring as Paris turns Japanese

The Connexion explores the rich tradition of Hanami and explores the ongoing ties between Japanese and French gardeners in the capital

When life gives you lemons

A looks at the citrus fruit’s origins and offers cultivation tips

Pineau, the bartender’s secret weapon

Thanks to innovative Pineau des Charentes producers, this fortified wine is now making a splash in contemporary cocktail culture

More from the March edition

Nature: Spotting genets: big-eyed beauties
Food and drink: The effect of climate change on wine
Architecture: Murder and monumental sculpture
Culture: Cultural epicentre of ‘real’ Marseille