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The Connexion 246 - April 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account
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What's inside this month's edition?

On the front page

Senator to push forward ‘second home’ visa proposal
A senator is to add an amendment to France's upcoming Immigration Bill for France to offer a dedicated ‘second-home owner visa’ for non-EU owners to visit their French properties more easily and for longer

More complaints filed over new inheritance law, response due shortly

A complaint by a British woman about the 2021 French inheritance law on forced heirship is being taken seriously by the European Commission

Heritage group criticises EU energy plans for character homes

Criticism of new EU plans that would place more restrictions on many older stone or character properties

French news explained

New rules and changes in France affecting residents and second-home owners

How to declare your home on the new tax form

It is especially important to understand the difference between a main and second home this year as all property owners must complete a new form to declare how their properties are used. Your questions answered

Couple's residency cards 'downgraded'

The couple have been living in France for more than 10 years but suffered an unexpected drop in income

Cheap and cheerful restaurants back in fashion

Traditional bouillons are having a renaissance in and out of the capital

Ideas to revitalise rural areas

Good broadband, accessible housing and a vibrant community life are key to the development of so-called ‘smart villages’, a study has found + €80,000 grants to open a rural store

UK digital borders for travel from France to open next year – and EU scheme is delayed

Visitors to the UK from European countries will have to apply and pay for a visa waiver for short visits from the end of 2024 at the latest

Project to make wastewater fit for drinking

A major project to transform wastewater into drinking water is expected to be up and running in France by the end of the year

Riviera villa where famous film kiss took place up for sale

The villa provided the backdrop to a famous kiss between Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 film 'To Catch a Thief

Consumer groups attack anti-inflation measures

Why consumer associations have criticised the government’s new anti-inflation campaign, which is now running in several French supermarkets

‘It took a moment to take in the words, then the world tilted a bit’

Hannah O’Neill on becoming one of the few foreign danseuses étoiles at the Paris Opera Ballet

Sisters are doing it for themselves in French countryside

Meet three women in the Dordogne who are breaking the expatriate mould to forge their own paths

Practical advice and updates for living in France

About France: 13 things you can do via a notaire other than buy a house

Don’t cut hedges in nesting season

Gardeners have been advised to wait a few months as birds’ nesting season gets under way

Nine tips for managing a renovation project yourself

The building market is starting to settle down after the post-lockdown boom, labour shortages and price inflation combined to make “getting the builders in” easier said than done

Learning French in a classroom will only get you so far...

From total immersion to dating a French native, we run through language-learning options + Five tips to get you speaking

Questions to expect during a French citizenship interview

Feedback from those who have done it

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33

You can find more information on managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Readers questions answered

  • How do I replace my damaged French card driving licence?
  • Do cruises count towards 90-day allowance?
  • How do I know if flat listing respects rent control rules?
  • How to keep track of changing speed limits on secondary roads

French living

The forgotten talents of Belle Epoque beauty Liane de Pougy

Liane de Pougy conquered the Parisian demi-monde with her beguiling looks and winning charisma, but as we reveal, there was far more to her than just a sensationalist soap-opera biography

Follow your nose on a scent-sational tour of France’s spring flowers

We explore the national and regional floral specialities of France, and sniff out the best flower festivals and horticultural events taking place around the country this spring

‘The first baby hedgehog we rescued was a real love-at-first-sight story’

Sara Stahl tells how she faced multiple obstacles to help a by hedgehog she found and then undertook years of training to set up a ‘hedgehog health centre’

Loire Valley arboretum puts heather and magnolias in the spring spotlight

Explore a beautiful arboretum at Ingrannes in the Loiret which is home to a fine collection of magnolias, at their best in May

Biodiversity boost as protected forest cats come back from the brink of extinction in France

The beautiful ‘chat forestier’ was hunted out of much of France but now that it is a protected species it is re-populating countryside areas

More from the April edition

Interview: Former British ambassador on the recent France-UK summit 
Food and drink: French ravioli from the Dauphiné
Architecture: Art Deco and hidden artwork
Trending: The huge boom in indoor climbing walls
Heritage: How gloves led to Grasse's perfume fame