The Connexion 249 - July 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account

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The Connexion 249 - July 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account
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What's inside this month's edition

On the front page

New French Brexit report warns of 2024 border delays
Concerns also raised for new residents and school trips
Estate agents criticised for high fees – and they are not happy
Estate agents have defended their commission rates after France’s national competition regulator criticised their fees, which are higher than the European average
‘It’s a mess: rare 5.8 earthquake hit our house’
A British couple were horrified to hear their holiday home was damaged by the rare 5.8-scale earthquake that hit much of western France on June 16

Practical advice and updates for living in France

We must help ease 90/180 rule
Another senator has joined calls for more flexibility for foreign second-home owners to visit France – but she believes the idea has more chance of success if restricted to Britons
Is it worth topping up your UK state pension from France?
We look at who can do this, what it costs and what are the potential benefits
Will DIY projects soon qualify for French renovation grants?
We speak to the agency which allocates aid about what is under review 
Change to dental reimbursements
The proportion of dental fees paid for by the public health system is set to fall
Extension to deadline for property form
The June 30 deadline for home owners to complete the obligatory new
List of two thousand new areas where tax on second homes can be raised
A draft of the decree listing towns that will be able to levy a 

Our financial writer answers your money queries on page 33

You can find more information on managing your money in France in our Money and Tax section on pages 33 and 34, and online 

Readers' questions answered

  • How do you register a used car?
  • How much does it cost to insure a dog in France?
  • What am I supposed to do with my livret de famille?
  • Is it still possible to install home insulation for €1?
  • Can a dentist refuse a patient even in an emergency?

French living

‘Nobody cares how important words are or the role they play’
Périgord perfection: top topiary and an English-style garden in Dordogne

More in the July edition

Property watch: Department 45: Loiret
Talking point: Do you agree? 'French cuisine is not superior to other foods'
Language: Less is often more when it comes to learning French
Second homes and CGT: the importance of keeping paperwork