The Connexion 252 - October 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account

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The Connexion 252 - October 2023 e-Paper | Subscribers can find their copy in My Account
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What's inside this month’s edition?

On the front page

Huge rise in Americans seeking ‘safer’ life in France Numbers treble in four years, we look at what some who have / are making the move cite as key reasonsExtra space at Dover may be used for new checksPart of the land being reclaimed from the sea at the Port of Dover is being considered for Entry/Exit System (EES) purposes


Immigration: this autumn’s hot topic
Debate over immigration is increasing as the government prepares to present a revised bill after the reaction to the original 

Residency card and travel confusion over non-EU young people
Readers report officials' uncertainty over whether or not special travel documents are required and at what age young people can obtain their own cards

Doctors to join in strike action
Mass strikes in the public and private medical sectors are planned in October 
 Electricity bills to rise as state cap phased outHouseholds should prepare for electricity price rises next

Drivers still subject to Ulez fines
Around 100 drivers are awaiting news of a French legal challenge against earlier fines as more continue to be issued

Make sense of France's version of 'power of attorney' for vulnerable people
If you lose capacity as a person, usually a spouse or adult child needs to be appointed so they can look after your affairs and make decisions on your behalf

Drink hunters now risk fine
The government is looking to make hunting safer in a move “towards zero accidents”
 €49-a-month train pass to launch next summerThe intention is to allow unlimited train travel around France 

Le Pen is the undoubted front-runner in the one-horse race for ElyséePolitical commentator Simon Heffer argues current circumstances present the most favourable conditions Mme Le Pen has ever had
 Difficult conversations are needed if you plan to grow old abroad
You might not want to contemplate old age while it feelslight years away but in this respect forewarned is forearmed.

A Time To Remember: a guide to French battlefields
Connexion writer discovers the people and places dedicated to keeping alive the memories of the countless service men and women who fell while fighting on the battlefields of France
 Madame Tussaud: waxing lyrical in Paris and LondonWe look at the story of Marie Tussaud, whose lifelike waxworks enchanted and terrified in equal measure

Practical information for residents and second-home owners
  • Second-home tax cut proposed
  • Centres not ready to test motorbikes 
  • See how to check if your commune is raising tax on second homes
  • Inheritance: Update awaited on 'forced heirship rules'
  • Driving licence exchanges still causing problems and not just for motorbikes
  • Trial begins to save drought-hit homes
  • Taxe foncière, dentists, shrinkflation...changes in France this month
Reader questions answered
  • Can I pay a tradesperson in cash?
  • What are the origins of the French priorité à droite driving rule?
  • How can I check how many points are left on my driving licence?
  • Is tap water safe to drink given there are sometimes excessive pesticides found in it?
  • Can I obtain UK car breakdown cover while living in France?

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More from the October issue 
  • Living: Milk deliveries return to city doorsteps
  • Travel / Visa: 90-day rule limits removals
    staff and entertainers
  • Energy: Small methane plants to ensure gas supplies
  • Work: What help is there for the self-employed?
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