212 June 2020 (PDF)

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212 June 2020 (PDF)
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Updates on coronavirus in France:

Travel in France: What's possible in summer 2020

French PM: We must save tourism in France

Why France's ‘health emergency’ is extended until July 10

The doctor who gave hand sanitiser to the world 

French engineering professor develops anti-virus doorknob

Lockdown stopped us travelling: Here's our 10 tips for making the most of hyperlocal tourism

Let France's second-home owners visit their empty property

Travel firms face legal action over refunds 

How and when you can get tested for coronavirus in France

Q&A: When do I need to wear a mask?

Brexit news for Brits in France and second homeowners:

No deal: Existing rights safe but S1s left out of new talks

How Britons living in France and holiday homeowners will be affected

French Brexit residency card site is on track to open in July

Is an Australian married to a Briton protected by Brexit Withdrawal Agreement?

Campervanners with no fixed address – can we obtain a Brexit deal card?

Practical information for living in France: 

Make sense of childcare options in France

France's child health system under pressure

Can I get a tax credit for a wood-burning stove?

How to claim a refund on your car insurance after lockdown

Consultation launched to reform French healthcare after Covid-19

How many yellow vests must you have in your car in France?

France invests €20m in a post-Covid bike revolution

Motorists: use your phone while driving in France, lose your licence 

New laws and changes in France for June 2020

Financial advice for international residents:

Don’t rush into a pre-Brexit move to France – work it out slowly and carefully

You can get help installing a charge point for an electric car

French income tax: what is form 2041E? Is it new this year

Now is the time to protect your pension from tax penalties

Avis d’impôt statement due at the usual time 

You can still easily change your income tax declaration 

Tips for French property owners: 

Property buyers in France were eyeing lockdown deals - but now they're willing to wait for a bargain

France property watch: Allier

First impressions still count when selling your house in rural France 

Go online to calculate the value of your French property

Satellite images are legal to prove planning abuses in France

Local French news:

World’s oldest cognac ‘still drinkable’ after 258 years 

France acts to stop hosepipe bans ahead of a dry summer

Half of France's 2020 rosé wine crop in danger after freak spring frosts hit vineyards 

The row over cheeses made with raw milk

French culture and lifestyle: 

80 years on from De Gaulle’s famous Free French message on the BBC

Winners of our Writers and Artists' Yearbook competition revealed

From Gims to Zaz: a  beginners’ guide to modern French pop 

Fortified churches of northern France: Strongholds of faith that became shelters from war 

Interview: Chocolat author Joanne Harris serves up another dark and delicious tale 

The spy who didn't love me: French professor digs up remarkable tale of his parents' wartime romance