194 December 2018 (PDF)

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194 December 2018 (PDF)
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MPs move to protect Britons in France after Brexit
France aims to preserve key rights for Britons
UK acts to reassure citizens in EU on healthcare
Why the 'gilets jaunes' are up in arms over rising fuel prices
Diesels face stricter CT tests in pollution crackdown
France takes lead in call for a better and safer internet
‘Stingy’ Ryanair kept €678 from Bordeaux bailiffs for impounded aircraft
'Big Four' French cities not interested in congestion charge-style tolls
€21m extra for French heritage from lottery
Runner’s giant GPS shark swallows Paris
New calls for hunting ban in France as death toll mounts
How pesticide ban prompted French towns to find new ways to beat weeds
Shoppers force supermarkets to improve food quality
3D scan creates ‘new’ historic statue in Toulouse
The mega-bookshop in Paris that raises hopes for the future 
Used car website that helps buyer beware
Burglary figures in France remain stable
Stand up for France's historic woodlands, or face a future wasteland


Act now to cut your tax rate in 2019
Car insurance concerns when swapping from a UK to a French licence 
Comparing class sizes in France and Britain 
Stores in France must accept cash payments up to €3,000, by law
Household insurance does not cover wasps' nest removal
Is expensive new arthritis drug available for 'free' in France
School options for sport, theatre, or art-mad children
Save your money like your food...
GP's double-vision diagnosis saved me from blindness
British women in France urged to join UK pension fight
Online medical records relaunch on phone app
Money save: How to ... Reduce your energy bills
Should we apply to bank mediator over missing sale funds?
CFE business tax to be paid in December
Mythbusting: France is a Catholic country
Yes, you can still join the Duke of Wellington's Army...
Limits on Livret A withdrawals
How self-employed in France can access training
Woodwind-makers need good hands - and real love of music
Mistakes and ladders... building a new life as a budding artisan 
Rooftop gardens give fresh food and breath of fresh air
Remembrance of times past in coastal ghost village in Brittany
Property developers bringing unloved French churches back to life


Macron may crave Merkel's EU crown - but can France afford his ambition?
The pain of living so far from an ill parent in the UK
Fuel militants must change ways because a green new world waits for no one 
Les Routiers - a uniquely French dining concept
Are we making a mountain out of parental equality?
Online route to driving licence gridlocked
Netflix and skills in English don't add up
British cannot cast the first language stone
Humiliating faff for carte de séjour
Added extras on car import


Stellar journey: France's place in the space race
Love it or hate it, motorway art in France is protected by law
A ‘little bit of artwork’ on every envelope
I can see the Eiffel Tower from my window – it watches over me as I write
France's chateaux d'eau: from the plain and simple to castles in the air 
Sourciery: The magical art of water-divining remains strong in rural France
Victorian benefactor who saved thousands of Britons in Paris
Window dressers' tricks to tempt you during the Festive season
The gardener who makes Monet live on in Normandy
Hellebore, a fine festive flower
How to live a happy, sustainable life - by one of France's best-loved environmentalists
Leaving home: coworkers reap benefits of office use 
Christmas lights blaze across France
Apple Man: Leading pastry chef's passion for the pomme
Baby brioche is true taste of Christmas in northern France
Marrons glacés: sweet taste of success
Fizz on a budget: French bubblies without the Champagne price-tag
The Vosges map that introduced us to 'America'
The French aristocrat who became a revolutionary assassin
A queen of France's very English hideaway at the heart of Versailles
Horses for courses: Young Briton's route to a legal career in Paris
+ French themed crosswords and quiz + Readers' Letters

+ 10 pages of businesses and tradespeople serving English-speakers in France