Enthusiasm for LREM is turning to discontent

Simon Heffer, the renowned political commentator and historian, turns his gaze to French politics

The political landscape in France was changed irrevocably in 2017: or was it? We are inclined to think so because Emmanuel Macron came out of the Parti Socialiste, renounced it, and in no time at all formed his own party that catapulted him to the presidency. Yet, seven months after those remarkable events, where is the momentum for La République En Marche?

It appears, to put it mildly, to have evaporated. The party had a congress in Lyon last month that very few people were inclined to sign up for – including many of the party’s representatives in the Assem­blée Nationale.

It is almost as if the people who clove to LREM in the spring have unanimously said “job done” and moved on.

Certainly, the driving force before the election was a perfect storm of political sleaze and incompetence that left the way open for ...

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