ATM scam

I recently drew some cash from a bank cash dispenser.

A young woman rushed ahead of me and stood at the ATM. As I stood, a young man approached holding a map and started to tell me in French his car had broken down and he wanted to get to Montpellier.

I told him I could not help and he walked away.

Another young man was now at the ATM and the woman was standing to one side. They said I should use the machine.

As the retrait screen came up the young man reached past me and retrieved his card from the ‘cash out’ slot, saying that he thought the machine was broken, pushing the €300 button, then hitting 03 on the key board.

The screen went blank. The man put his arm round me and repeated the machine was broken and he and the girl walked away with me as I returned to the car. It was only when I got in the car that I thought ‘this is a scam’ and sure enough it was. €300 down the tubes.

Bob Wilson Pyrénées-Orientales

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