Billed for not using phone

Re: a reader’s letter about SFR overseas mobile phone charges.​I too have been erroneously charged for using my phone outside the EU zone.

When I’m in Senegal I only use my SFR phone whenever I have access to wifi. For calls and texts I have another phone with a Senegalese SIM card.

After two weeks I received a text from SFR to say I’d reached my plafond despite not using my phone! All the calls/data I was supposed to have made and used were all made on the same day, the day they texted me! I was charged 77€ instead of the usual 12€.

Does SFR charge the maximum it can before informing you that you’ve reached the limit? I suggest others in this situation contact SFR Complaints service, and if that doesn’t succeed they write to their mediator.

Andree Roberts-Keen by email

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