Break up UK to solve Brexit

In the recent British election, the Conservatives won more seats than Labour – but the majority of MPs in the House are opposed to Brexit.

The “United” Kingdom thus remains as divided as ever.

Here is my suggestion:

1) Create an English Assembly, comparable to the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament or the Northern Irish Assembly;

2) All UK passports to carry a supplementary heading – English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish. Every citizen over 16 is free to choose any one (only) of these four;

3a) England and Wales to leave the EU;

3b) Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain in the EU.

In this way, English or Welsh pro-Europeans who felt strongly enough could adopt Scottish or Northern Irish regionality and remain in the EU, while Scottish or Northern Irish Brexiteers could adopt English or Welsh regionality and leave the EU, so everyone would be happy.

Wouldn’t they?

Constructive criticism, modifications or better ideas welcome.

Stephen Morgan, Finistère

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