British aisles

In response to the letter “English food scam” (Connexion, January), who would have believed that French supermarkets behave like any other supermarket anywhere in the world?
Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco all do the same with continental offers, so French supermarkets are not doing anything unexpected.

If I want Marmite, my source is a small delicatessen shop three hours away in Switzerland.

Hartley’s jellies, Bassett’s Allsorts, Cadbury’s milk chocolate you name it, we here in the north east of France have no chance to buy them – nor do we have such a luxury as a British section in our supermarkets.

So, stop complaining and be thankful for the things you can buy – there are lots of Brits in other parts of France who have to go without.

Michael DAY, Savoyeux, Haute-Saône

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