Brittany on a budget

I was deeply moved by the plight of the poor French MPs only receiving €7,000 per month (plus almost as much again in expenses and perks); perhaps we should organise a whip-round for them. 

Living in Brittany, it costs me about €1,050 per month, of which about €500 is rent. I live within walking distance of two hypermarkets so, on the rare occasions that I go to other towns, (public) transport costs me about €6 per month. I spend about €70 per month on cheap collectables, and if I didn’t have so many of these I could manage in a studio flat, which would cost about €300 per month less. So a single person could live quite comfortably in this town for about €750.
Are there any readers leading happy and fulfilling lives elsewhere in France who spend less per month than I do?
These greedy MPs live in a different world to most of us.
Stephen Morgan, Finistère

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