Children right to strike over the environment

An issue of increasing importance to all is climate change.

Although debate continues, most accept the scientific evidence but are not reacting to what is a very urgent issue.

The recent IPCC conference on climate change indicated clearly that massive reductions in use of carbon-based energy must be made within 12 years or it will be too late to recover. This is clearly set out and required by all countries but only six or seven are on course.

One consequence is that thousands of children are on strike every Friday. Why bother with school if our parents are rapidly destroying our future?

I would do the same if I was aware that my family were ignoring my future, and ensuring my life will be a lot worse than their lives. We adults worry about other issues but  our children are concerned about the prospects of a bleak future, perhaps no future.

I would refuse to go to school until my parents put together a 10-year plan for reducing their carbon footprint to zero, and agreed to vote only for politicians who are just as committed. I would rate my parents’ progress every Thursday, and if they scored less than B, not go to school on Friday.

It is clear that technology now makes it possible for us to meet the goals proposed by the IPCC, and not only that, but we are to do it without huge cost, indeed we can save money – but it’s seen as someone else’s problem.

But when kids are begging us to act, this is more important than other news you report.

Robin Maule, Ferrensac

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