Driving licence swap: I feel writer’s name pain

I have the same irritation of having had my maiden name put on to my long-awaited French driving licence. I have not been known by that name since marriage – more than 30 years ago.

I, too, “object to my identity being decided by an anonymous driving licence fonctionnaire”. And I also cannot believe the permit cannot be corrected, as Suzanne Calam-Hale pointed out (see here).

With regard to her suggestion of an ombudsman, I feel that would take several years to even come to fruition, since the fonctionnaires are already “overwhelmed” with all other Brexit requirements they are obliged to fulfil. If I ever have my permis de conduire checked, it will certainly be interesting as to how the French authorities receive my unknown maiden name.

Angela Fronzi, Alpes-Maritimes

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