EDF website problems

Is anyone else having problems with the EDF France website? 

I have been using this for 15 years, no problems, it helps me budget, control what I use, etc. Also I download and print statements as needed for extra ID when requested – but no longer.

For a couple of months I haven’t been able to log in. Thankfully I pay by prélèvement, otherwise I’d be snookered. I get ‘momentanément indisponible’ then I can’t ask for a new password because it says their search function is not available, please try later.

I have emailed, rung and eventually written. The English phoneline was helpful, but it still didn’t work. I also had an online conversation in French. I can manage French pretty well anyway.

Nothing, no response to my letter. Does anyone else have this experience of not being able to log in. It’s all I want to do. But I’m at screaming point about it.

Gina JOLLIFFE, Creuse


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