Fears over French electric meter safety

I wrote to Enedis recently regarding my fears of radiation from the smart meter I could be forced to have installed in my property.

The electricity meter is on the wall in my kitchen, directly beneath my bedroom. If a meter emitting an electromagnetic field is directly beneath my bedroom, in my opinion, it would be dangerous for my health. I am also concerned about the invasion of privacy and the fact my house is old, therefore the wiring is old.

My research has found that in many countries people have been up in arms about these boxes being inflicted on them and the times tariffs have been hiked without warning.

I live on a mountain in an isolated and unpolluted part of beautiful France. I will resist this menace as long as I’m strong enough to do so. Surely I must be allowed to say what is installed in my own house? These boxes are not for “the people”, they are being installed to make huge profits. No business is run to “help” the population for nothing.

Diane Wilmarsh, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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