French shrug off bad service

In 2015 I took out a no-contract direct debit with SFR to pay €15 per month for 5gb of WiFi for my mobile. Two years later, I gave two months’ notice of my intention to cancel.

SFR continued to try to take payment after October, even though there was no contract and I was not using the SIM card. They threatened to send in debt collectors in December, when we were on holiday in the UK. In the circumstances I sent a cheque for payment.

It took us contacting a mediator for SFR to cancel the account. But even that was disappointing as they did not contact us after we sent the details of our final contact with SFR. 

I spoke to two French friends about it and they both had the same attitude. Their advice was to pay up and forget it as they will do nothing. The French accept bad customer service, so what chance do we have?

Judith Torrington, Troyes

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