Good and bad customer care

Readers can share pleasant experiences

You asked for examples of good after-sales service in France so here are my two...

1. Darty – a Brandt washing machine. I carelessly left a coin in a trouser pocket, it came out in the wash and broke the plastic drum. We had extended warranty so duly returned the machine, receiving a “loaner” in place. I was offered a (better) replacement machine that came with a new extended guarantee free of any charge.

2. Darty – A DVD player/recorder, again with extended warranty, proved unreliable and had to be returned for repair regularly. I was offered the choice of a range of replacements, all better
than mine.

R Chandless, Saône-et-Loire


A lot has been written in your last few issues about customer service in France to the point it could almost put off anyone reading it to come and live here.

We have lived in France for 10 years and, yes, could quote examples of poor service both here and in the UK.

However, if we were to nominate a contender for the wooden spoon it would go to HSBC bank in the UK. Their handling of our affairs under their Safeguard scheme was so long- winded and incompetent in the end we decided to close our account (opened 52 years ago under the Midland banner).

On the other side of the coin, we would like to award Gitem a gold medal for their customer service. We have bought eight or nine white goods during our period here and their delivery and after-sales service have
been superb.

Terry Smith, Charente-Maritime

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