Humiliating faff for carte

I have just finished applying for a carte de séjour, and feel angry that as a resident in France for 12 years, I should be subjected to such difficulty.

I was asked to provide two copies of marriage certificate (translated), carte vitale, mutuelle, tax bill, photos, passport, attestation from the authorities, proof of house ownership and CPAM attestation.

I also took bank statements and proof of ownership of a house in UK and rental statements.

On arrival at the prefecture, we were told the papers were incomplete. They needed income tax forms for the last FIVE years, again in duplicate.

Finally, all papers were in order and our fingerprints checked. We will have to see if our application is accepted.

Having not made any demands on the state in my 12 years of residency, I found the whole process unnecessarily complicated and designed to be as humiliating as possible.

I see that Europeans in the UK have only to answer three questions online, submit a photo and will receive permission to remain in two weeks.

Name and address withheld on request

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