Is Carte delay deliberate?

Is discrimination at work?

I have proof that the French authorities are deliberately blocking applications by British nationals for, in my case, the renewal of cartes de séjour.

On June 6 2017 we submitted all necessary documents to the prefecture in Cahors so as to change our cartes to reflect our move from Corrèze to the Lot.

In September and each month since we have telephoned, only to be told that the prefecture in Tulle, Corrèze had not sent them the necessary documents.

Today my wife was told by the mairie in St-Sozy that an official block had been put on all such matters covering British nationals due to the Brexit negotiations.

My understanding is that the French government is therefore acting illegally by this deliberate action.

I wonder if other Brits are having similar problems.

R. Cornish, Lot

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