It’s time to redress balance of opinion

Connexion's articles and readers’ contributions should be balanced. 

However, in the February edition, I found four readers’ letters that clearly criticise the government and the French president. Only one entry had a positive opinion.

While I believe that freedom of speech and right to demonstrate are a pillar of every democracy, we should be very worried about the recent developments in France [gilets jaunes protests].

I am lucky, my voting rights are not curtailed by the looming Brexit and I shall do everything to vote in the forthcoming European elections.

I am proud to have such a president! He is not perfect but then, who is? We have somebody who is finally honest and says what he thinks - and what’s wrong with that?

To ask for an elected president to step down because 0.012% of the population is shouting for it is outrageous and irresponsible.

We have to stand together to fight the wave of the far right and extreme left, and comments like these definitely won’t help!

I am an Austrian citizen, married to an Englishman, with two children, one born in the UK, one in France, and we have lived in France for more than 19 years. Vive la France ET vive l’Europe!

Monika Bruce, Indre

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