Leave us to our decision on Brexit

I did not vote to leave Europe but to leave Brussels

Having owned a second home in France for 21 years, it may surprise some that I am one of the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, racist, little Englanders who voted Leave.

I voted in the 1975 referendum to reject membership of the EEC. The country decided otherwise and I accepted that decision, arrived at democratically. Why should the result of the last referendum be treated differently?

I did not vote to leave Europe but to leave Brussels. We did not vote to stop immigration but to stop unlimited, unchecked immigration. The ability to negotiate trade deals worldwide as well as with our (protectionist) EU friends is a benefit enjoyed by all sovereign nations. Under the present “deal” this is not possible until trade agreements with the EU are finalised.

The EU is equally responsible for the current impasse as common sense and flexibility are sacrificed upon the altar of five sacrosanct principles, which include free movement and monetary union.

On every measure and comparison, the UK far outstrips the EU in terms of growth, lower unemployment and attracting inward investment.

I voted Leave after a great deal of research, thought and soul-searching. I would not dream of categorising your readers as selfish, insular Brussels-loving traitors, so I would appreciate reciprocity.

David Stolworthy, Dordogne

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