Lidl unhelpful

Three weeks after I bought a Ponceuse a Bande at Lidl, Valognes, in 2016, the motor stopped, for no obvious reason.

I took it back to Lidl and was advised to phone the number in the guarantee. A French friend telephoned regularly for three weeks, with no reply.

After many letters and no help from Lidl, I contacted themediator who was amazed at Lidl’s response. He investigated my complaint and, on 10 June 2018, I finally received the €44.99 I paid two years’ earlier.

But Lidl still refused to reimburse the postage €15.65 which I am in the process of reporting to the mediator.  

Lidl’s argument is that because I did not take the sander back within 30 days the guarantee was invalid – so what is the point of a manufacturer’s three-year guarantee?

Carol Read, Normandy

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