More care not lower speed will save lives

I was delighted to hear of the protests regarding the new proposed speed restrictions (Connexion News, February).

To put matters into perspective, some 200 French people die on a daily basis due to smoking related diseases (source: France 24). Surely the prime minister would be better served spending the fortune new speed signs will cost, on campaigns and measures to stop people smoking.

This is against 400 to 500 a year in road deaths. It is questionable as to how many are caused by ‘vitesse’. Evidence also shows that reducing speed limits has the opposite effect as drivers become more frustrated by their journeys.

Richard Milka, Dordogne With reference to the government proposal to cut speed limits from 90kph to 80kph: It is not the speed that kills, it is stupidity. The vast majority of accidents are not the result of speed, but of crass driving manoeuvres.

I do admit that speed is a factor in many accidents that involve 18-25-year-old drivers, but why should the rest of the population have to pay for their misdemeanours?

It doesn’t matter where you put 80kph speed limit signs, 18-25-year-olds would probably not see them as they are texting on their mobiles.

Ken Joliffe, Orne

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