NHS care for pensioners

Your article on the need for the UK EHIC card was useful, but I would offer one further point.

When I, as a Briton resident in France, renewed my UK EHIC card, the renewal centre told me that for visits to the UK the EHIC card was irrelevant.

They advised that what I should take with me was a proof of being currently in receipt of a UK State Pension, such as a copy of the annual increase in benefits notice.

I have not seen this advice quoted elsewhere.

Chris Hibbert, by email


Editor’s note: Under the UK rules on non-residents using the NHS, British state pensioners whose healthcare is paid for via a UK S1 form are entitled to free NHS care, including in hospitals. So it is logical that proof of this may be requested (we would suggest also taking a copy of the S1). It is true that this right is not dependent on having an EHIC card.

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