No panic on cartes

When I moved to France over 17 years ago a carte de séjour was obligatory and issued with no problem, valid for five years. At renewal the prefecture said it was no longer required for EU citizens in France so could not be renewed.

Eyeing Brexit, I asked about a Carte de Résident de Longue Durée and was told they would consider it if and when Brexit happened, the lady adding she thought it would never happen.

I would apply for French citizenship, but I’m not sure my French is up to it.

Different departments apply the rules as they see fit, but R. Cornish (Letters Jan­uary) is flogging a dead horse: a carte de séjour is not permitted, says Vienne prefecture, and nothing to do with Brexit.

Anyone who has lived and paid taxes in France for five years with no criminal record is entitled to residency, so I do not follow the Brexit panic.

Keith Howlett, Vienne

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