Paris bookshop had unfortunate acronym

Re: Your article on French blague humour (Connexion, April, see here). Several years ago, when I lived in Paris, I saw a book that interested me in a bookshop window.

I went inside, bought the book and it was put into a carrier bag for me. It wasn’t until I was outside the bookshop that I noticed in bold writing on the side of the bag the word SLUT.

Knowing that it is not a word well known in France, I bravely continued my journey home – while trying to hide the writing on the side of the bag. On checking, it appears that it is an acronym and that I’d bought the book from a university bookshop which is in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.

Details of the shop are:

SLUT: Syndicat des libraires universitaires et techniques

rue Grégoire de Tours – 75006 Paris

 Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the bag.

The last time I went past (several years ago), it appears that the syndicate is still there but the ground floor seems to have been transformed into a students’ coffee shop.

Ross YOUNG, Gard

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