Pôle Emploi phishing

Is anyone else having problems with Pôle Emploi?

Recently I was told that I must put my details online so employers could see my profile and contact me directly.

As soon as my profile went online, I was inundated with job offers (obviously spam and phishing). I sent them on to Pôle Emploi, who asked: “How do you know they are spam?” When the same person with different email addresses contacts you for different jobs, you know it’s wrong.

I also received a job offer from Pôle Emploi which corresponded with my profile. If I didn’t apply for it, I would lose my benefits unless I had a good reason to turn it down. The job involved a 135km drive twice a week to give two-hour English lessons. The rate was below the minimum wage! When I pointed out the pay to the agent, he told me I was mistaken. Having worked as a formateur for 30 years, I know the pay structure. I explained about conventions collectives (the rule book for any job in France) but was dismissed, presumably because I’m English.

My final beef with the Pôle Emploi is receiving minutes of meetings and/or telephone conversations I am supposed to have had with my conseilleur. Each month I am sent a compte rendu of these meetings, which have never happened – no doubt a box-ticking exercise which shows the agent has done their duty.

Margaret Lawrence, Dordogne

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