Post-Brexit status quo

How a reader feels it will affect her life...

Is Brexit a threat to British citizens in France? Everything I own is in France: my business, my house and my investments.

If I lose my French medical care I could not afford to stay. Unable to sell my house or access savings, I and thousands of others would arrive in the UK asking for accommodation, jobs, health care, school places, and care homes.

At the same time an exit of Europeans in the UK would close down many businesses through lack of trained staff. The UK has made a huge
and unnecessary mistake by withdrawing from Europe.

There is no doubt that people like myself will eventually get a statement saying those with social security numbers and tax codes who have declared residency will keep their existing rights, and need a carte de séjour. Anything else would be unworkable. So stop scare-
mongering, there is no way we will be forced to move back to our place of birth. It is not about us... it is about business and politics. Brexit is inevitable, but will it change my life? Quite simply, no.

Susan Thomas, Aude

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