Querying climate change

I write further to your news article in the July edition whimsically entitled “Astronaut told to watch speed”.

In it, Thomas Pesquet is said to have issued a warning to the President of the United States. He advised President Trump to take a trip on the International Space Station to see global warming for himself. However, there is nothing from space which would show any such thing. Implausible nonsense.

If Pesquet were to have simply looked at NASA’s own global mean temperature satellite data for the past 18 years he would have seen a slight cooling in this period. It seems that he did not want facts to obscure the ‘Carbon Tax’ agenda supported by NASA’s small climate unit and the International Panel on Climate Change, a political body.

“The success of the Paris environmental treaty was vital to the world” is code for “The imposition of the 2016 Paris environmental treaty was vital to the trans-national fiscal control essential to a world government run by the UN”.  2% of each country’s GDP is to be exacted and climate targets imposed, backed up by international courts to impose fines on those not complying with the new totalitarian order. The poor will die in their millions for lack of access to cheap energy.

I suggest that the astronaut was being used to continue the constant drip of Carbon Tax lobby propaganda. It would be nice to hear a balancing contrary factual view ocasionally before it is too late and the UN achieve their stated aim of governing the world by means of carbon taxation revenue.

Richard STEVENS, Landes

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