Spider spied

In one of last year’s Connexion you published an article on False Black Widow spiders, which arrived with us three days after I had been marvelling at a couple found in our bath, and had duly disposed of them. 

No point in coming back to you without any evidence, but as a request was published to help have an idea of where they might be found, they are alive and flourishing in the Hautes-Pyrénées this spring.
We are in a rural forested region which is full of wildlife who are curious about new dwellings on their patch. We have no idea whether our recent success in ridding ourselves of house mice is known more widely. A couple of ageing bananas left on the side in the scullery were found half eaten, inside their peel so we baited a trap and eliminated a family of five within four days.
Peter Suddards, by email

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