Strange incidents at motorway fuel stop

Warning about new scam

I want to warn drivers about a possible new scam. I pulled up at one of those new automatic fuel stops in the middle of nowhere. You could drive either side of the pump and bank card machine.

I pulled up behind a young lady who seemed to be getting unwelcome attention from the couple in the other lane. The woman from the couple was brandishing a €10 note. After some moments this woman came over to me, asked me to wind down my window, and then started to explain that their credit card was not working and, if they gave me €10, would I be so kind as to put €10 worth of fuel from my card into their car.

I said I didn’t know yet if my card worked and anyway I’m sure there was a station just off the autoroute. They then drove off.

So I start the routine to use my card to get fuel. While I’m doing this a young, well dressed guy in a nice Mercedes drives up behind me. He says he hasn’t got a credit card but if he gives me €20 would I be so kind as to put €20 into his car?

Now, maybe I’m wrong but twice within five minutes at a lonely fuel stop I get approached by people who don’t have the ability to pay for fuel – seems suspicious to me. In my imagination there is nothing to stop these people filling their tanks and driving off. Anyway, he muttered something at me and drove off.

Ross Anderson, by email

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