Thatcherite Macron...

I have never read such a negative comment on the gilets jaunes as the letter (January edition) from Ms Lebreton-Travis.

I wonder if she lives in a bubble where everything is okay in this country. Perhaps she belongs to the prosperous 1%, the ones the president treated so favourably as soon as he ascended to the throne. He wanted to reform fast and loose and make France competitive... by raising fuel taxes, cutting housing benefits, taxing pensioners, and keeping wages low. Plus, raising the quality of the French MOT and privatising public services. Since he was elected, two more taxes have appeared.

His election was a big mistake. If he stays, there will not be any rest for this country. A Thatcherite at heart, he never understood you cannot import an ideology from another country.

When he goes, France will celebrate as the miners did when the Iron Lady was forced out. France has more presidential power than any state in Europe. One guy controls all the levers and one party of newbies stands to orders.

Jane BRANDON, Haute-Vienne

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