The changing face of Europe and the UK

I am very concerned at the imbalance in articles and letters on Brexit. It is hard to believe nobody wrote to counter the views of the “remainers”.

While no one pro-Brexit, as far as I know, has claimed the transition will be effortless and without bumps on the road the frenetic assertions of some of your readers are beyond belief.
Why is it only the pessimists who are heard? Why has not one single one of the advantages of Brexit been mentioned?

Very many Europeans are unhappy with the status quo in the European Community. They too want major changes. If, instead of chastising a pro-active UK, pressure were to be put on Brussels to make some significant changes then perhaps a different outcome might still ensue, more acceptable to the majority of people.

Come on Connexion, redress the balance. For some of us the future is brighter!

Alan Kerr, Haute-Vienne

June 24 was a disaster for us. We have lived on our boat in France for five years and last December found and bought a house. Now the idiots with no plan – the British government – appear to be destroying our future life here. They have already removed our Winter Fuel Allowance; what next?

Mrs Chris Grundy, by email

YOUR wine writer (September) says Brexit will hit UK wine drinkers by stopping booze cruises. Not in Newcastle; only the well-off south-east benefits, perhaps why much of the north voted Leave. Stop planting cuttings of Project Fear in expat soil.

Dr David Cottam, Lot-et-Garonne

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