This is not ‘just the ticket’

Readers should know about a ticket rip-off where two tickets for the Rolex Masters tennis tournament with a face value of €65 each cost a total of €285.67 from the Viagogo agency. 

Here is the breakdown of the costs involved:
Tickets €102.61 x 2
Sub-total €205.22
Booking fee €62.08
VAT €12.42
Shipping €5.95
Total price €285.67

The ‘shipping’ consisted of pressing a button to email the information and e-tickets...
I had tried and failed to book tickets on the official Rolex Masters site and asked my sister-in-law in England to try. She managed to book through Viagogo having also failed to book on the official site.

Even the information Viagogo sent us was wrong as it said we could not access our seats until 2pm – yet we sat down at 1pm to watch Andy Murray and staff told us the seats were ours from start of play at 11am that day.
I am writing in the hope that you will warn others of using the Viagogo booking website.

Leigh Mendelsohn,

Viagogo did not reply to our request for comment

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